Training Trends Weekly: November 5, 2018

By Nathan Altadonna November 5, 2018



Learn how to improve your training and why it’s an important investment in your company’s future in this week’s reading list.

How to Supercharge Your Team's Development for the Long-Term

Amerisleep Co-founder and CEO Firas Kittaneh offers this perspective on why investing in training and development is essential for companies:

“Each time our employees improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness, what happens is our leadership team is less burdened with day-to-day operations and more available to focus on opportunities and solutions that have a much larger impact on the overall company.”

For companies struggling to measure the impact of their training and development efforts Kittaneh suggests looking at three metrics:

  • Productivity
  • Quality of deliverables
  • Influence on sales


letzNav Takeaway: Increasing productivity is one of the key benefits of an effective training program. One of the quickest ways to increase employee productivity is to decrease the amount of time they spend trying to use your enterprise software. Providing training and on-demand real-time guidance can greatly reduce the amount of time employees spend struggling to use enterprise applications.

How to Bridge the Gap in Employee Training

Employee training isn’t cheap. Companies spend an $1200 to $1800 per employee each year on training. But despite the investment, nearly 75 percent of employers don’t see any noticeable improvements. Worse, employees report the training was not effective or engaging.

Employees find traditional classroom sessions boring and tedious. They don’t allow flexibility for employee’s schedules. Digital and virtual options allow employees to learn in more engaging and convenient ways.


letzNav Takeaway: As the number of remote workers increases, digital training tools will play an even more important role in employee training and development. For many companies, it’s no longer feasible to expect their entire workforce to attend classroom training sessions.

Here's How Going Cheap on Employee Training Is Costing You

As you’re finalizing your 2019 budgets, it might be tempting to trim some from your training and development budget. But, you could pay the price later one. Investing in employee training has several benefits, mainly:

  • Training improves retention.
  • Training shows career investment.
  • Training creates higher-skilled employees.


letzNav Takeaway: Investing in the right tools and training to better equip your workforce is a wise investment. Employees are less likely to leave and will be more engaged if they have the training to do their jobs and feel like a company is investing in their future.

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