Change management

Dec 06

Product Adoption Platform - What It Is and Why You Need One

Change Management, Software Implementation, Digital Adoption, Product Adoption

One of the most common questions we get at trade shows is what is a product adoption platform or digital adoption tool? This blog tackles that question by: Read More
Nov 16
Change Management 11-16-18

Change Management Weekly: November 16, 2018

Change Management

We’re going back to the basics this week with three articles on the essentials of change management. Read More
Nov 09
Change Management 11-9-18

Change Management Weekly: November 9, 2018

Change Management

This week’s list includes why change is like grief and how to manage it. Read More
Nov 08

Change Management Best Practices for Software Implementation

Change Management, Software Implementation

Wouldn’t it be great if implementing new enterprise software was as simple as flipping a switch? Unfortunately many executives fail to realize and properly plan for how complicated it can be to change core technology and software. If you’re... Read More
Nov 03

8-Step Change Management Process for Software Implementation

Change Management

Successfully adopting new enterprise software requires active change management. Author, entrepreneur, and Harvard Professor, John Kotter’s 1996 book Leading Change is the gold standard in how to navigate change in business. If you’re adopting a new... Read More
Nov 02
Change Management 11-2-18

Change Management Weekly: November 2, 2018

Change Management

Today’s reading lists includes tips for managing change and surprising research about what is missing in your change management communication plan. Read More
Oct 30

Change Management: Move to Salesforce Lightning Without Getting Zapped

Change Management, Salesforce

Lightning. Salesforce has been talking about it for a few years and is now getting serious about moving users over. So serious that enhancements are no longer being made to Classic. So how do you go about planning to move to Lightning, convincing... Read More
Oct 26
Change Management 10-26-18

Change Management Weekly: October 26, 2018

Change Management

In today’s reading list, we’re focusing on tips leaders need to be more effective at change management. Read More
Oct 19

Change Management Weekly - October 19, 2018

Change Management

Welcome to Change Management Weekly, letzNav’s weekly summary of the latest trends, news, and tips in the world of enterprise change management. Our reading list this week includes tips for improving your change management plan and handling... Read More
Oct 17
Change Management Challenges

4 Tips for Conquering Change Management Challenges

Change Management

Change is never easy, especially in a large organization. Whether you’re changing software, processes, or organizational structure, change makes people uncomfortable. People are naturally resistant to change as described in the classic book “Who... Read More

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