How the Forgetting Curve is Undoing Your Salesforce Training


A few weeks after a Salesforce training session, most of your users seem to have forgot everything they learned. The scenario is familiar to most Salesforce trainers and admins. What’s behind these cases of mass amnesia?

The Forgetting Curve strikes again. Keep reading to learn what the Forgetting Curve is and how to overcome the phenomenon.

What is The Forgetting Curve

German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus first outlined the effect of the Forgetting Curve in 1885. Ebbinghaus performed a series of experiments that showed people forget information exponentially as time passes.

The curve shows that people do not retain newly learned information unless they continuously review the material. According to more recent studies, students forget 70 percent of what they learn in a training session within 24 hours.

How the Forgetting Curve Impacts Salesforce Training

The Forgetting Curve makes most traditional Salesforce training methods inefficient. Most users will forget everything they learn unless they make an effort to actively review the training materials every day.

Unfortunately, most users have other tasks and priorities that keep them from studying training materials as if they were cramming for a final exam. Users return to their desks after a training session and immediately get back to work. Before long, most of the information from the training is lost.

So, what do they do? They swing by your desk, ask a co-worker, or hit you up in Chatter: “Hey, how do I... fill in the blank.” Or “Was that training recorded? Where is it again?” If they can’t reach you or a co-worker, or find the training materials, they could be bogging down your IT team down with support tickets. The result: massive loss of productivity across the organization.

Overcoming the Forgetting Curve

The solution to this challenge is providing support and guidance right inside Salesforce: step-by-step guidance for whatever your colleagues need to accomplish. As a product adoption platform, letzNav was designed to help trainers and managers conquer the Forgetting Curve. letzNav simplifies your training efforts by providing real-time guidance to users 24/7.

When users can’t remember what you reviewed in training, they can simply ask letzNav a question. letzNav’s Guided Workflows will walk them through the task step-by-step.

letzNav’s guidance provides reinforcement users need to master the Salesforce platform and your company’s sales, support, and business processes – at the precise moment they need to perform a task.

To learn more about how letzNav can help you overcome the Forgetting Curve, schedule a demo today.

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