Change Management Weekly: November 9, 2018

By Nathan Altadonna November 9, 2018

Change Management

Change Management 11-9-18

This week’s list includes why change is like grief and how to manage it.

5 Ways To Manage Change When Implementing New Software

When implementing new enterprise software, employees often worry their job and skills could become irrelevant. Companies can overcome this fear and resistance to change by fostering trust among their employees through 5 ways:

  1. Establish Communication to Inform and Encourage Employees
  2. Identify Positive Changes to Corporate Culture
  3. Host Planning and Training Sessions to Promote Success
  4. Provide Quality Training
  5. Empower and Engage Your Employees


letzNav Takeaway: Employees are more likely to adapt to new software when they’re properly trained and engaged. Self-service support and training tools, like letzNav, empower employees to learn and master new software on their own.

Why Your Strategies Fail to Create Change

While you may be excited about implementing new software, your employees could be terrified by the change. They may even go through the five steps of grieving: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, finally, acceptance. Day-to-day life may not change much for leaders, but for front-line employees changing the software they’ve used for years is difficult. They feel like experts on the current system and don’t want to go back to feeling like novices. Change leaders will have to build alignment and trust to overcome grief-style resistance.


letzNav Takeaway: In last week’s Change Management Weekly, we linked to new research showing that to successfully implement change you should focus on communicating what will stay the same. This article gives some examples of why that’s a good strategy - especially for people who are grieving the loss of an old system.

Change Management Is Becoming Increasingly Data-Driven. Companies Aren’t Ready

The right data can make your change management process more efficient. Consider adopting these change management data best practices:

  • Start Using Digital Engagement Tools
  • Apply Social Media Analytics to Identify Stakeholder Sentiment
  • Capture Reference Data About Current Change Projects
  • Use Data to Select People for Change Roles
  • Build a Dashboard


letzNav Takeaway: You shouldn’t have to guess how your software implementation is going. You should be able to measure it. letzNav’s analytics give you the power to identify what’s going well and where employees could use additional support with new software.

Change Management Weekly, letzNav’s summary of the latest trends, news, and tips in the world of enterprise change management, is published every Friday.

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