Change Management Weekly: November 16, 2018

By Nathan Altadonna November 16, 2018

Change Management

Change Management 11-16-18

We’re going back to the basics this week with three articles on the essentials of change management.

5 Building Blocks Critical to Every Change Management Plan

Not adopting a change management strategy can result in wasted time and money. Ensure your project’s success by includes these five principles in your change management plan:

  1. Strategy
  2. Planning
  3. Communication
  4. Training
  5. Measuring Success


letzNav Takeaway: The goal of change management principles isn’t to simply make the change. The goal is to make the change efficiently and ensure its ingrained in the company so you get the full ROI and expected benefits of the change to a new platform. Make sure your change management plan includes these essentials so you can achieve your desired results.

Change Management 101

Adapting to change is essential for businesses to survive. This article uses Kodak as an example of what happens when organizations don’t prepare for and manage change. The company got left behind as the world transitioned to digital cameras. Avoid letting your company get left behind by practicing these 5 change management best practices:

  1. Build the case for change
  2. Share your new vision
  3. Commit to adequately resourcing the project
  4. Empower your leadership
  5. Communicate at every stage


letzNav Takeaway: Change management can have a powerful impact on your business’s growth and future. Failing to adequately manage change could have dire consequences. Invest in the planning and resources to make sure your initiative is a success.

The Five Step Guide to Change Management in the Service Level Economy

As you’re preparing for change in your organization, consider follow these five step:

  • Represent all stakeholders before the decision is made
  • Keep end users in the loop
  • Curb rumors quickly
  • Offer a Q&A with someone who has used the new system
  • Set your end users up for success


letzNav Takeway: This article includes an excellent suggestion for helping with the transition to new enterprise software. Offer a Q&A session with someone who has used the new system. This person can act as a cheerleader for the new system and address fears employees may have about the switch.

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