Apr 17

Building a Software Implementation Plan that Actually Works

Software Implementation

Adopting the right software can have a huge impact on a business. It can increase revenue, improve customer experience, and boost employee productivity. But identifying the perfect software is only the beginning; a thoughtful and comprehensive... Read More
Mar 29
Top 10 Must-See Sessions of the 2019 Dublin Tech Summit

Top 10 Must-See Sessions of the 2019 Dublin Tech Summit


We can’t wait for the Dublin Tech Summit! We’re excited to be an exhibitor this year at Europe’s fastest growing tech conference. Read More
Feb 08

Learn Salesforce Lightning Like There’s No Tomorrow (or Classic)


It’s no secret that Salesforce is really ramping up the pressure for customers to migrate to Lightning. New features are no longer being released in Classic, which means to stay up-to-date, and to be able to take full advantage of the platform, you... Read More
Feb 07
employee onboarding

Onboarding 101: Employee Onboarding Training Guide


From posting a job to candidate interviews, hiring a new employee is difficult, but the hard work doesn’t end on the employee’s first day. HR teams and managers will need to fully train the new hire through a comprehensive employee onboarding... Read More
Dec 06

Product Adoption Platform - What It Is and Why You Need One

Change Management, Software Implementation, Digital Adoption, Product Adoption

One of the most common questions we get at trade shows is what is a product adoption platform or digital adoption tool? This blog tackles that question by: Read More
Nov 21

Classroom Training: Does it Work for Software Implementation?

Training, Forgetting Curve

When most people think of software training, they instantly picture a classroom setting. But is classroom training the most effective way to train employees on new enterprise applications like Oracle or Salesforce? Classroom training can be utilized... Read More
Nov 16
Change Management 11-16-18

Change Management Weekly: November 16, 2018

Change Management

We’re going back to the basics this week with three articles on the essentials of change management. Read More
Nov 15

What Employees Want Out of Onboarding


Successful onboarding programs can increase employee engagement, productivity and retention. But what do new employees need out of your onboarding program? Utilize this list to make sure your onboarding program covers the top concerns of new... Read More
Nov 13
cross platform training

Successful Cross-Platform Training - Is it a Myth?


Training users on a new platform is hard enough. Humans are creatures of habit and any change brings out fear and discomfort. When talking about training, sometimes that involves multiple applications and processes that cross multiple platforms,... Read More
Nov 12

Training Trends Weekly: November 12, 2018


This week’s reading list is focused on ways training improves employee engagement. Read More

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